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Sick and Tired… (via Off the Mark and Roaming)

Funny how I keep running into the same topics and issues that I have posted about before.

You guessed it. I am moving furniture again and cleaning house. The knick-knacks are getting tossed and books and junk headed to the used stores.

It is like I think my life will be better or at least easier if my house is cleaner.

I am writing up a massive to do list and will post it here once it is close to finished so that I can have a hard copy where I can check everything off. Once a week, I will try and post progress on where I am with the list.

Sick with an end of summer cold. I have been trying to get back into writing but am stuck at the moment. Not really reading either. Think I am just stuck in general now. One of my friends has been picking at me about my moving furniture around my place. I get itchy feet now and then. Just a need to be moving and to change things about my life. I want to go on vacations, move house, change jobs, spend a month in the middle of no where, go somewher … Read More

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