• Amelia Sides

Sick and Tired…

Sick with an end of summer cold. I have been trying to get back into writing but am stuck at the moment. Not really reading either. Think I am just stuck in general now.

One of my friends has been picking at me about my moving furniture around my place. I get itchy feet now and then. Just a need to be moving and to change things about my life. I want to go on vacations, move house, change jobs, spend a month in the middle of no where, go somewhere new. I am not really in a spot in my life that I can do any of this so instead I am moving furniture.

I am planning to move in a few years across the country to Portland, Oregon so I have started trying to downsize my belongings. I am narrowing down my book collection and trying to limit how many I buy by using my eReader more. It is hard to realize just how much stuff you have till you try to envision moving it across the country. Plus there is always the elusive question of how much do you really need? In reality I probably have ten outfits that I wear in different combinations over and over. The rest of my closets are for the random occasions I want to wear something else. I do really need it? Probably not. Do I need 18 different vases and things to put flowers in? No. The random papers and crap of life is just cluttering up space and making it take longer for me to find things so they are heading toward the give a way bin or trash. Maybe with a bit more space I will be able to concentrate on other things, like homework or writing my book.

Wish me luck.

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