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Selfish or Just Tired

I have been in a weird mood about Christmas this year.

I don’t want to participate in Christmas this year. I did not put up any decorations or my tree. I sent out Christmas cards only after realizing that since I was not doing many presents this year thanks to finance issues I would need to at least do that.

In my hometown one of the radio stations plays Christmas songs all month long. Here in Cola I have heard only two or three Christmas songs on the radio so far.

I tried to convince everyone not to get me anything like I do every year but it looks like I was not very successful. I never really am. I posted about this early this month but was not really able to explain things. I am not sure I am able to do so now.

I am just tired, I think. Tired and ready for the year to be over so that I can start on new projects and let the old ones lay where they fell.

Anyone else ready for the new year to start?

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