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All too often I imagine that I leave a chorus of complaints and ridicule behind me when I leave a room. An overheard complaint from a coworker becomes a rant against me. Why must I imagine the world revolving around me? I know I am an insignificant speck in a sea of dust. What I do will not change the color of the dust around me anymore than anyone else does. I want to hold onto my corner of the world and yell until someone truly sees me, but yelling accomplishes nothing. I know I give up too readily. I am not a perfectionist and “good enough to serve” is a good enough motto for the time. I see what others do and say “I could do that.” but I never do. When I suck it up and commit myself I enjoy the ride yet it is so exhausting to maintain the momentum. I strive to live in the moment and instead I live for my comfort alone.

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