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Self Esteem and Writing

I’m doing a two week course on Marketing for Introverts and Perfectionists. The instructor is a life coach and many of the sections have a psychology slant getting the user to realize that they’re getting in their own way. Taking tests to see how self compassionate you are does not seem a real way to improve marketing but in a way it makes sense. In order to present the best version of yourself to the world you need to know yourself first. A lot of marketing is learning to project your personality in a way that attracts attention and interest.

This weekend I ran into frustration after frustration while trying to be an adult in my life. The result? I spent two days pissed off and angry until I finally said “Fuck It.” and ignored the responsibilities in my life to make some art. This seems to be a lot of my life. I push myself to do the responsible thing over and over again, making myself miserable, until I finally crack and spend the rest of the night painting, making jewelry, or writing.

I need a better way to balance my art, writing, and adult responsibilities without burning out to do so.

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