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SAGA Conference 2023 - NC

I just got back from the only Genre Fiction writing conference in the Southeastern United States. I had an amazing time and cannot wait for next year.

I have a ton of notes and books to read and learn from waiting in the wings.


  1. I realize that most of the people there were baby authors who are still writing or just finishing your first book but presentation is important. You are your brand. If you do nothing but complain, that is how the other others and publishers there are going to remember you. You are there to learn, get busy.

  2. I want a hands on workshop done at more conferences or at least time to pitch your book and have scenes critiqued.

  3. I miss my writing friends when I can't do Cons. The pandemic has really hammered this home for me. Find your Tribe, guys, and never let that go.

Books I picked up:

The selection was amazing with used science fiction/fantasy books, panelists from the conference selling their own work, and a massive table of offers from Falstaff Books who sponsor the conference.

  1. The Baker's Boy - I.V. Jones

  2. King Maker: The knights of Breton Court I - Maurice Broaddus

  3. The Infinity Caverns: The Parallel Society I - Stuard Jaffe

  4. Ardulum: First Don - J.S. Fields

  5. The Fairy Godmother: A tale of the Five Hundred Kingdoms - Mercedes Lackey

  6. One Good Knight: A tale of the Five Hundred Kingdoms - Mercedes Lackey

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