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I’m in a ranty sort of mood so here’s your holiday rant.

So everyone knows I can’t eat chocolate much thanks to it triggering my migraines. I’ve gotten bags and bags of it this year, those random, ‘Oh, I got you something’, gifts for the person you don’t know what to get. While appreciated I hate having really good chocolate all over my house that will cause me severe migraines if I eat it. ​Am I thinking too much about me? Yes, the gifts are nice since they were thinking of me even if it wasn’t thought out extremely well in the end.​

​F​ood intolerance and allergies ​affect a lot of people around the holidays​. If someone has told you multiple times they can’t eat ​something don’t give them massive bags of ​it for Christmas! Yes, it’s cheap, easy​ to give out chocolate or cookies and generally it’s something pretty much everyone likes but some people can’t eat ​certain things. Be aware of that fact and don’t inundate your coworkers, family, and friends with things that might cause them pain or other health issues.

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