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Projects in the works.

Projects in the works. To keep myself honest I thought I would post my list of writing projects and where I am with everything.

1. Mage book rewrite. All most complete. I plan to crank out the rest of the chapter tonight. Yes, +R.J. Blain , it’s going to be heading your way this weekend if I can get the fight scene working right.

2. Fan fictions Lately I have up to six fan fictions going at any one time. Most have new chapters that need to be reviewed, edited, and posted to AO3 right now. Collapsed, Burned, Standing on his own, and Variations of Ice need updates and edits. Technopath needs the next chapter written and edited.

3. Other Writing Projects Ryan Arrington – my in progress werewolf novel from NaNoWrMo needs edits and a new chapter written. Parasol – my steam punk novel needs an outline and new chapter written. Several short story prompts that I started need to be fleshed out and continued.

4. Submissions. God I hate submitting short stories/poetry around. None of the magazines accept long stories and the one I really want to get out is 9000 words long. Need to get a list of places together to submit to, sigh.

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