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Well, the book is moving slowly. I’ve sold ten copies in the last week.

The week has been one of wrapping up projects and cussing out my PS3, it’s locked up at least once every night I have played (forcing me to shut down/restart) and now it’s not loaded my trophies to raptor. I have enjoyed playing Skyrim but it makes me want to get back into WOW.

Tried to start working on a painting only to tear my art supplies apart looking for a missing black sharpie, no idea what I did with it and I’m going to have to buy another before I can start my painting.

Trying to wrap up a few small fan fictions I started and to re-write one where a side character turned into a massive asshole and is extremely out of character. I have a list of writing I want to work on and a to do list for the house that is massive. Good thing I am stuck at home this weekend, might force me to get some work down. Time to break out the coffee and boot up the word processor 😉

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