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I’m trying to pack for my trip next week, and I keep running into hilarious options.

I’m trying to find a book that : 1. will make me laugh, and a second book which I can get utterly absorbed in. But at the same time neither of those can be a favorite book since I don’t want to lose them if my luggage disappears.

See, it’s harder then it sounds.

Wisconsin’s 70s right now so I am packing the scarves I never get to wear in the south. Packing for a four day conference w casual clothes and business attire seems like way too many clothes.

Do I pack my journal? Will I have time to write at night? Would it be worth printing a copy of my novel to edit on the plane?

Is a purse a carry on? I’ll have my bag, laptop bag and purse. That seems like too much.

Do I wear jewelry or pack it? Take my fake wedding rings I normally wear when I travel alone? Decisions, decisions.

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