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Oeufs On The Go

This looks delish, I know what I am going to be making soon.

Enter the “Dan Pie.”

A few years ago Justin and I were visiting his mom and her husband, Dan, in Boise, Idaho. We needed a quick-lunch before shuffling off to the airport so Dan offered to make us his famous egg / cheese / meat / veggie concoction which he poured into a pastry shell made with Pillsbury dough and baked. After devouring every last slice, Justin and I wiped our faces and officially named it, “The Dan Pie.” Since then we have played around with many variations of it at home including, “The Breakfast Dan,” (also known as “Wake Up With Dan”) “The Christmas Dan,” and “The Veggie Dan.” Anyway you throw it together, it is always an easy crowd pleaser.

Enter the “Mini Dan Pie.”

I never (and I mean never ever) used to skip breakfast. Sure I’d hold off a couple of hours while I sipped…

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