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I spent last night going through my cookbooks and cleaning house. I have decided that I will try to post one new recipe a week along with book reviews of what I am reading at the moment as I finish each book.

As an update on my New Year’s Resolution to get out of the house, I posted last week that I was postponing my outing to this Monday. Well, this Monday was Valentines day and I had no desire to be the one person sitting alone in a restaurant while couples surrounded me so I postponed it again. It may as well have been canceled. I will have to see if I can manage to go out twice in one week by myself. Maybe I can just take myself out to lunch on Friday or something.

I got cornered during a Doctor’s appointment yesterday. The Doctor was making small talk and asked about my school. I told her I had graduated which lead to an interrogation over what I am doing now…Well the fact is that I have no idea. Don’t even really want to think about it. I just finished 9 years of college that I worked full-time while doing it. I am really burnt out and ready for a break. I think I am going to put off thinking about this till after I walk in May.

In other news my diet utterly tanked in the last two weeks thanks to stress so I am about to start over…again. This time I am going to try and exercise a bit to suppliment the days I want to binge or just eat out. Wish me luck.

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