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Mute Chick

Having to take conference calls working from home means my voice is starting to act up again. Add in killer allergies and my voice is randomly toast since any irritation means I strain my vocal cords.

I’ve been banned from speech therapy until after the pandemic thanks to my immune issues. So I don’t really have any relief in sight beyond hot tea and massaging the area.

I am fighting to be positive today. I don’t want to be human today, can I be a dog for a bit and curl up safely in my bed and sleep for half the day?

So far the only good things from the Quarantine are as follows:

  1. Innovative online groups pushing out the meetups and content

  2. Friends keeping each other entertained via social media

  3. All the crafts people are making

  4. So much time for reading, writing, gaming, crafts.

  5. Getting to do all the house things you’ve been putting off for years.

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