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I am having the worst time going to bed early so I can get up on time for work. I normally get up stupidly early to drive into work but now since I’m working from home I don’t have to.

I keep forgetting to take my melatonin early and it doesn’t seem to matter how many Benadryl I take, without the melatonin I’m up until two am.

My early morning writing sprints just aren’t happening. Instead I am writing at lunch and in the evenings but since I’m mostly editing for several projects my word count is tiny each day.

Our daily work meetings have devolved into everyone asking if everyone can hear them like it’s a bad commercial for phone service.

Listening to a podcast about family memories. What happens when the memory keepers of your family refuse to believe something that happened to you? In the podcast this guys entire family refuse to believe he broke his arm, totally blanked it out. He really did.

I have a similar story in my family. Every drove me nuts whenever they started talking family vacations because they would bring up this one trip I have zero memory of. I didn’t go. It took years of denial and arguments before we finally sat down and hashed it out. I probably didn’t go, they just assumed I did since it was a family trip and everyone else was there. I don’t remember where I went that year but I wasn’t on the vacation to the mountains with everyone else. Probably a church trip since that was went I went on those.

What about you? How is your week going?

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