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Loving Myself

I have decided along with trying to improve my health this year with exercise and better food I am going to do one thing a day that I enjoy.

It can be a small thing but it must be things that I enjoy doing. I must smile as I do it and enjoy the action for what it is, a treat to enhance my day.

Things that make me happy…

  1. Blue Pens and good paper. I love how writing in blue ink makes me smile for no reason.

  2. Going on a walk after lunch. ( I do feel better if I get some alone time during the day at work and walking the parking lots I ge tthe bonus of sun and fresh air.)

  3. Going out to eat for lunch or dinner once a week. (Meeting up with friends for dinner is always a plus.)

  4. Cuddling and singing to my dog as i stroke her ears till she calms down. (This is going to be my weekend.)

  5. The dusty dog smell that my dog gets on the top of her head.

  6. Light a fire and enjoy my fireplace while I still have one.

  7. Layout on the porch in the sun with a book, while I still have a porch.

  8. Breathe.

  9. Buy myself flowers for the table.

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