• Amelia Sides


I have been working on a daily list of things I want to check off each day to improve myself. Most of the items are things I have been planning to work on in the new year but others are new ideas I am flicking back and forth. I plan for the list to grow and change as I see how each new habit fits into my life.

The fact is I have too many days where I glance up exhausted and ready for bed only to find out it is 7 PM and I have at least another two hours before an early bed time. Two hours I don’t really want to waste on TV or internet.

One physical activity, one social interaction of some kind (the family might be getting a lot more phone calls), and one thing I want to for myself each day.

The rest of the list is going to be small things to try and get myself more healthy like… _Did I drink water at all? _Did I avoid alcohol, chocolate, caffeine? _Did I keep under my calorie goal?

What do you guys think? Any items to add?

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