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List of Goals

Okay, here is my condensed list of things I still need to do. I am trying to decide if I should do a massive list of things I want to eventually do, like a top 100 to do before I die.

Any thoughts?

1. Get my fireplace fixed. (find numbers and call) 3. Get my kitchen window fixed.(find numbers and price) 4. Get my dog into lessons so I can walk her safely and more. (This may have to wait until I am finished with school. I don’t have many afternoons a week to commit to this and my dog barely sees me right now thanks to school.) 5. Finish typing out the book I have written from last year. It has sat in a notebook for a year while I started on another story. Time to type. (working on this, man, do I need a typist.) 6. Finish writing my other book. (again working on this.) 7. Write a short story a month. Practice makes perfect. Plus it is fun. (January and Febuary check!) 8. Finish sealing my deck. Just waiting on warmer weather. (this weekend) 9. Get the leak in my roof looked at. (price and get numbers) 10. Get out and do more. I need to decide what I want to be doing and make a list of things that might work with how awful my schedule is. 11. Price getting new cabinet doors for the kitchen. 12. Brush my dog more, the hairy one both needs and loves it. 13. Exercise more. 14. Use the library more. I do not have an excuse not to (new library opens in June). 15. Go to more places. (Vacation is set and ready!)

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