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I believe that everyone should know your limits. The problem is that as you grow and change, so do your limits.

Several years ago I pushed to go on vacation by myself. It was a limit. I needed to see that I could be happy on vacation by myself, that I could travel alone since I was having a dry spell in relationships and my normal traveling companion kept bowing out last minute.

Moving away from my home town was another push. See, I can have a new house, new job, and not know anyone and still be okay.

I have had several people ask me why I suddenly want to start hiking. Yes, I am out of shape. Yes, I have never done more then basic overnight camping. It is a limit. I need to know that I can walk out into the woods and walk for miles. That I can survive a night in the woods in a tent and enjoy myself.

I signed up for a painting class to get out and about in town. I was surprised at the level of negative comments the two girls across from me had about their paintings. This is a class where everyone sat around drinking while they painted. It is not meant to be an amazing painting, it is meant to be fun, yet they talked about tossing the painting when they got home. I went to the class looking to enjoy myself and I did. My painting is sitting in my dinning room on my desktop easel. It is not the best painting I ever did and I erased a few spots and repainted several but it was a lot of fun. The way my painting turned out did not matter. I am trying to bring that approach to the rest of my life.

I want to enjoy my life. Way too often looking back I can see that I made my life worse by focusing on the negative or trying to be a perfectionist. I can sit down after a horse back riding lesson and list the things I did wrong or I can say, “We had a great ride. Did you see the one red line? It was perfect!”. I want to enjoy my accomplishments, not dwell on the issues. Yes, I can pick out things to work on but I refuse to dwell on them.

I have been contemplating a rather big Limit push. It is sitting it the back of my mind right now, stewing. It will probably be several years before it happens but when it does I will jump and not look back.

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