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Journal: Down

I’m trying not to be down today. I have no reason to want to curl up and hide away but that is what is pulling at me today. Some days your skin just feels too thin, ribs too tight and hard around your lungs.

I have too many things left to do today to let myself collapse into sleep. I have to clean and pack for my trip. I have to get several people on the phone and find out about my car and if I need to extend my rental or not. It does not sound like my car will be fixed in time before I leave town on vacation.

I’ve spent three weeks now trying to get a credit card account closed. They wanted me to fax something in that was rejected every time I tried to send it. I went in person to pay off the account and they said I would have to call back to close the account once the balance was paid off. Fine. Called today, they are closed. I left another message.

I finally got someone on the phone about my car. They will not get the part in until tomorrow morning. So they’ve had the car since last Saturday, it’s now Wednesday and they have yet to do anything. Yeah, doubt I’m getting the car back in time for my trip.

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