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Bad weekend.

Spent most of today out of sorts and/or in a fetal position with the occasional distraction for small things.

What I managed to get done today?

  1. Feel utterly useless

  2. moved things around my kitchen

  3. spent money I did not need to

  4. bought my Uncle and Sister a birthday present for parties I will probably not be able to attend.

  5. moved furniture in the living room and rugs

  6. tried to get my dog to stop clinging to me, being under my feet 24/7 is not a good thing.

  7. made a list of places we will probably not get to on my up coming vacation.

  8. cleaned the craft table and set up some candles to be made but made none.

  9. read ten more pages of a book.

  10. had a beer I did not need.

  11. played Persuasion 6 times in the background of my wallowing.

  12. changed the battery on the smoke alarm and cleaned my pocket knife.

  13. paid rent for both my places. yay on being broke.

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