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January 2022, Hope and Plans

January 2022 is finally here and as with most people I'm reassessing my goals and what I hope to accomplish in the next few years.

2021 and 2020 were stressful years and I can only hope that 2022 gives us a much needed reprieve.

I plan to start a weekly wrap up here with writing progress, books I'm reading, and other items of interest that I'm enjoying at the moment.

This week of January was rather short :) but I do have a few items to share.

My National Novel Writing Month Project this year was a LitRpg novel called "I don't want to fight!", about a young sickly woman who is reincarnated into a fantasy world as an orphaned elf. It was a delight to write and I am still enjoying working on it massively.

This year's novel project is Burdock & Rue. I started this novel a number of years ago but I think I finally have enough experience and confidence to finish this small town Urban Fantasy based very loosely on the town one side of my family is from. It has sat, languishing on the back shelf of my brain and computer for some time but I'm determined to rewrite this one and get it ready to publish this year.

What are your goals for 2022?

Currently Reading:

Current Projects and Stats:

  • RPG - I don't want to fight!: 53,231 words

  • Burdock &Rue: 36,003 words

  • Gryphon (Rewrite to Steampunk POV)

Things to Accomplish in 2022

  1. Publish one book and edit two others.

  2. Set time aside to read

  3. Attend two writing conferences this fall.

  4. Schedule out time for social media and this blog

  5. Exercise, no matter how your joints are screaming

Current Playlist:

Current Band Obsession:

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