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People shouldn’t be angry that some of us are seeds just planted and some of us are small trees.

Why is it so hard to let go of fear and panic. Why do we cling to it like a security blanket. Why is it so tempting to curl in bed and cling to the fear as it grips my chest till I cry? Why do I feel like I need to feel this way?

I am allowed to be happy. No one can be happy all the time but why do I feel like I am making myself miserable just for the hell of it? Why do I doubt this happiness?

Do I need things to make me happy? No. Do I need people to make me happy? No.

But that does not mean I cannot be happy with others. That does not mean I have to isolate myself and be miserable.

Yes, I am an introvert and love relaxing alone with my dog or a book and I need that time to recharge, but that does not mean I have to force myself into being alone.

Lately, I have been horribly busy with my house and with work and have been trying to cram in a day or two with friends and family and some how am leaving out the time for myself. I have been traveling and studying and working non-stop. I am ready for some downtime.


I am fighting to no let go of things I enjoy. This is my year of Yes, but I do not want to do things alone. If I truely enjoy it and it is good for me then I am going to keep doing it. Yes, I will.

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