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  • Amelia Sides

I forgive myself

I got inspired by a post I read on the headologist and thought I would share my list of forgiveness.

I forgive myself…

  1. for punishing myself over trivial failures.

  2. for stressing out.

  3. for panicing over relationships.

  4. for clinging to others when I could not see I was.

  5. for forgeting to wash the dishes.

  6. for not having friends.

  7. for being lazy.

  8. for putting things off.

  9. for not being willing to say No.

  10. for not taking time for myself.

  11. for not taking better care of myself.

  12. for not spending more time with friends.

  13. for stripping myself down to bone, till I feel exposed and vulnerable. I needed that padding to keep me stable.

  14. for wallowing in my head.

  15. for drinking WAY TOO MANY sodas. Sorry kidneys.

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