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Hump Day

I am still waiting for my medications to kick back in after being off for several months for my surgery. Every morning I shuffle around waiting for my joints to wake up, stiff and painful until I get moving. My feet and hands are the worst, small joints.

My ankles feel like I’ve somehow rolled them in my sleep until I get moving for a while, clicking with every step. My thumbs scream at me while I’m making coffee and taking my morning meds. The tendons in my elbows and knuckles are swollen and hot. It can take up to three months for the medications to kick back in, I’m hoping it doesn’t take quite that long.

Today is yard work. I’m hoping to beat the heat this afternoon and the rain later in the week. I need to get grass seed and weed killer but I’m not going out shopping until next week.

Photo by taha ajmi on UnsplashCopy

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