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I have signed up for Tai Chi lessons at a local studio and my first lesson is tonight. As part of the introduction I was given a free three-hour class on the basic history and reasoning behind Tai Chi. I was also given some homework to answer and email to the teacher before my first class.

The main concept that struck me was respect. Respect your teacher, fellow students, the training area, and yourself. This was called the principle of Wu De.…/wu–de-code-of-conduct.php

One of the questions I had to answer was why I thought Du We was important. I gave a quick answer but what stuck with me was that it is always obvious when something is respected. When a home is loved and respected it is well cared for and clean. When a person respects themselves it is the same….right? So me destroying my fingertips with ripping off my cuticle means that I do not respect myself? Am I punishing my body for my stress?

Something to think about…

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