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Good morning

Today is cleaning house and moving my plants outside. My new rug for the dining room is going in and I can’t wait to see how it looks.

The oak trees are blooming and my allergies are hateful at the moment. Pine pollen makes you itch but oak makes my head ache and my sinuses drain like there is no tomorrow. Loading up on sinus meds.

The office has been cleaned and set up for starting work on Monday.

I’ve started a new character on World of Warcraft while they have the 100% experience boost going. My first dark iron toon. The chat right now is amazing with all the people playing while in quarantine all over the world.

Most of my friends are using their time off to bake or craft. I’m still fighting with a dysfunctional oven so baking might be off the books for me. Plus there is only me to eat the results.

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