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Goals for the Year so Far

goOkay, here is the progress I have made so far on my goals for the year.

1. Get caught up on gifts for others. I have a ton of birthdays coming up for family and friends.

2. Get my fireplace fixed.

3. Get my kitchen window fixed where the lovely people put a BB through it along with the windows and glass doors of half my neighborhood one weekend.

4. Finish painting my kitchen. It will only take me 30 minutes or so if I just go buy the rollers.

5. Change the filers in my house. Heat/Air and Air purifiers. Done!

6. Get my dog into lessons so I can walk her safely and more. (This may have to wait until I am finished with school. I don’t have many afternoons a week to commit to this and my dog barely sees me right now thanks to school.)

7. Finish typing out the book I have written from last year. It has sat in a notebook for a year while I started on another story. Time to type. (working on this, man do I need a typist.)

8. Finish writing my other book. (again working on this.)

9. Write a short story a month. Practice makes perfect. Plus it is fun. (January and Febuary check!)

10. Finish sealing my deck. Just waiting on warmer weather.

11. Get the leak in my roof looked at.

12. Get out and do more. I need to decide what I want to be doing and make a list of things that might work with how awful my schedule is.

13. Declutter my closets.

14. Declutter and organize my kitchen. Do I really need three sets of mixing bowls?

15. Declutter and organize my junk room. It is now officially my studio and should look like one. No more boxes. Figure out a way to organize the beads. Junk what you are never going to use again.

16. Organize my books. My book collection has taken over the house and is spilling onto every level surface. If I do not like the book it is going to be donated.

17. Use my cookbooks more. If I do not use them they will be donated to someone who will.

18. Price getting new cabinet doors for the kitchen.

19. Brush my dog more, the hairy one both needs and loves it.

20. Cut back on the plants. I have plants on every surface of my downstairs right now. I will not buy anymore till some die or get given to someone else. ( I am planning to give a bunch away once it warms up.)

21. Exercise more. My mother has offered to give me her treadmill and I am planning to buy the computer rest you can use for them so that I can type or surf the web and walk so I at least get a little exercise.

(Working on it. Treadmill is in and I am using it once a day.)

22. Buy new tennis shoes. I know I love my grey tennies but they are beyond old and worn out. Washing no longer gets them clean and they do not fit as well as they used to. I am only keeping them because they are my favorite shoes and so I need to get rid of them and get a new pair.

23. Use the library more. I am waiting for the new library downtown to open but I can use any of the ones in town till then and there are several right near both school and home. I do not have an excuse not to.

24. Go to more places. This one has been on my resolutions since last year. This was why I decided to go to Seattle, WA. Because I had always wanted to and I had no reason not to go other then the fact that I was holding myself back. This year I am planning two trips, one small and near home and one farther away if I can afford it (or close to home but something I have not done before). I loved going to Seattle and I hope I will love my vacations this year. I am trying to push my comfort zones a bit by going to a beach since I have never been a big fan of the beach, but you can always find things to do that you did not realize were there when you are in a new town for a week. Wish me luck! (Vacation is set and ready!)

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