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Why does my area not have a CSA? It’s a farming community with a small farmers market that with Covid 19 is closed this year. The next local market is in the next town, twenty minutes away. No one delivers anything to my town, there are only three restaurants in town and nothing delivers.

It is super windy and cool today so I have every window I can open and Reuben is sleeping on a heating blanket.

I’m trying to run a few dungeons in WOW while listening to the Alpha expansion stream on a side screen on Twitch. Anyone that games with me knows I hate dungeons, I am there for the solo play, not forced groups to move the plot along. Thankfully my new guild is being really nice about helping group. I die a lot.

There are a ton of contests for free ARCs and free books on websites if you go looking. Everyone is trying to find readers while things are up in the air. I found ten free on Amazon this morning that sound like decent reads.

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