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"Everyone is flawed. No single person has every answer. Success, as a process, comes from learning as much as you can. As you figure out what your weak points are and correct them, you will become better. Your patterns will get more efficient. You’ll get more done in less time. Finally, your patterns will change.It was during a meeting a while back that it clicked. I was too stuck in my own patterns and making decisions based on my own worldview. As Bruce Lee would have said, my prison was my own ideas. I needed a change."

This article immediately clicked with me. Success is a habit as is hard work. I have been trying to get myself to work on one thing a night. Just one item to check off my internal to do list each day. It’s amazing what you can do it you give yourself 30 minutes to just DO something.

This week I have studied French, done Tai Chi, worked on Writing, practiced Guitar, wrote poetry, and submitted my writing to several places.

I have gotten a repreive from the holiday insanity this weekend since several parties were canceled or moved so instead I am going to work on me. I will be taking my lap top to the coffee shop to write or read and visiting a local barn to see about getting lessons set up (fingers crossed they have a lighted ring).

I have been looking at MFA programs in the area and while it would take a lot of work I think it is something I will enjoy. I would have to take four classes in 400 level english before I could even apply to the program and take the GRE in english. Something to think on.

What are you working towards each day?

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