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Excuse me.

Please excuse me while I go an curl into a ball under the covers. My neurocies have taken over this week. Fingers chewed to bleeding, 8. Days full of social anxiety, 4. Nights of depression, 3.

I have been taking Tai Chi classes. I was having a horrible afternoon yesterday and was not looking forward to the class. It turned into a self flogging as I sought perfection in a move I have never done before. I managed to do several cirquits of the room in my first "Walking" class.

Tai Chi started as a martial art, so they work on building up the body and legs so that you are able to hold the form and if you want, advance to the martial arts class after a few months. I walked in the pattern until my knees creaked going down the stairs. I turned what should have been a nice class into a paruvian death march of Tai Chi.

It is hard to make myself practice at home right now since all the moves hurt after a few minutes of practice, I can push through this in the classes but at home it is hard to force myself to hurt for 30-60 minutes at a time when there are no many other things I could be doing.

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