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How do you know when you have enough?

  1. enough space?

  2. enough food?

  3. enough money?

  4. enough time?

  5. enough happiness?

  6. enough work?

  7. enough fun?

  8. enough stuff/possessions?

  9. enough sleep?

I think it is diferent for everyone. I have been trying to downsize my life while I am cleaning and moving things around for my rental to come. I have so much stuff I could easily live without, and probably never miss it. How many comfortors do you need for two beds? How many sets of sheets? How many rooms? How much room at that. So many people are moving into smaller and smaller homes. I would love a small house some where with land or a small loft some where in the city. What I do want is a big kitchen. You can never have enough counter space when cooking. The same goes for a desk, you can never have enough room to layout documents and papers. The problem I and most people seem to have is identifying needs and wants. What I need amounts to very little. However the want list is always huge.

Just had to add another note to this post. Check out this article I ran across. Beware of Pretty Things

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