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End of the Year Round Up

I managed to check a massive amount of things off my To Do List this year.

I launched my own business, River Rocks Publishing.

I started a new Blog.

I attended several online Writing and Publishing Conferences.

Two books for the Stone Mage series have been published. Find the first book, HERE.

A new Steampunk novella is in the works, a Romance novel is in progress, and I have two more novels I hope to complete in 2020.

Working from home part time has been a new experience, both good and bad depending on the day. I completed a ton of work on my house and soon hope to have only minor repairs left to eat my savings, fingers crossed.

It has been a year of isolation and I'm finding that even as an introvert I miss getting together with my friends and writing buddies. National Novel Writing Month in November is normally my month to geek out and binge write but even that went online this year.

Anyone else utterly exhausted from all the Zoom calls?

Publishing two complete novels, doing final edits, and tweaking cover designs all in a little over two months is way too much. Next year we will be spacing things out better.

If you love my covers, check out the artist. He does amazing work and has been wonderful to work with.

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