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I have been dreaming a lot lately. One dream I keep having is I am wondering through a house looking for something and the rooms of the house are parts of different houses I have stayed in. My mother's kitchen, my current stairway, my grandmother's house at the coast, and some rooms I do not remember but that I like the look and space of. This dream house has door after door and room after room to explore.

I am not sure why I am dreaming this but outside of sleep I have got itchy feet again. I really want to move somewhere, go on vacation, go somewhere new. I am trying to curb this a bit since I said I would stay at my job a few more years and I need to save more before I move to the west coast.  I go on vacation in 17 days for a week at the beach. I just have to survive exams first. I am finishing my degree this year so next year I will not only be able to save more money, I will also be able to do more like vacations or day trips to different places. I am just hoping I can contain the itchy feet till then.

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