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I have been mapping out an exercise and "get things done" schedule for myself.

Monday: Gym Tuesday: Yoga and Study something Wednesday: Gym Thursday: Yoga and Study Something Friday: Gym

I have set reminders on the weekend to prompt me to go to the gym but it is not scheduled since my Horseback lessons tend to get moved around a fair bit. Also with my new Hiking trips I want to leave Sundays open to go explore the parks near me.

Yesterday was supposed to be a yoga and study day but that got derailed after a hellish day at work. I managed to over sleep so I had to stay late yesterday, then even thou I thought about going to the gym I said I would do Yoga, instead I did small things around the house for an hour before I managed to spill almost an entire can of coke over my hard copy of my novel which I had pulled out to do an hour of editing. Needless to say the rest of the day was dead. I cleaned up the spill and moved my book to the bathroom to dry inbetween washclothes while I cleaned the now soaked coffee table…I know I should have been at my desk but I was multitasking while eating dinner. My project tonight is to work on a painting I have been thinking about and to rearrange my desk so that my novel will fit there.

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