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Daily Prompt: INTJ

I have been having more and more Introvert moments at work and in life in general lately. An announcement that we will be roaming the halls working on computers out of the office made me panic. Yep, actual contact with people I don’t know occasionally means a panic attack.

I keep having to explain the difference between Real Life Friends and Online friends to people. I have quite a few online people I consider friends however in RL I have one, the rest of the people I talk to or deal with day-to-day are just acquaintances. I have always been like that, I have one or two really good friends who I would probably kill people for…and everyone else is outside of my real trust zone. The are people I know and talk to but who have shown that I cannot fully trust them in one way or another.

Keep have it shoved in my face that I am not at work to be myself or to make friends. Apparently, this week is one of those reminders.

Parties are draining for me. I tend to wind up in a corner with someone I know listening to the conversations around me but not actively participating unless it is a topic I am interested in.

Am I the only one so does crap like this? One INTJ to another…

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