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Crazy Days

Some days your life just goes crazy. Not even the OMG we are going to die, crazy. Just out of sync and strange.


  1. Do laundry.

  2. Check email.

  3. Start a roast in the crock-pot, remove from crock-pot half way through the day and toss in the oven since it was not cooking for some reason.

  4. Dust the house, dust the walls, dust the shelves.

  5. Clean the bathroom.

  6. Play WOW and watch a movie.

  7. Make candles…lopsided candles.

  8. Eat roast at 10 at night.

  9. Go to bed. Hope the next day is better.


  1. Check email.

  2. Play a movie as background noise (Mostly Martha, subtitled, German)

  3. Play a CD at the same time and sing along in French. (Love Zaz.)

  4. Start making Spicy Tomato Soup.

  5. Play WOW.

  6. Try to write, give up and read fan-fiction for an hour while the soup cooks.

  7. Talk to Jehovah’s Witnesses who are terrified of the fluff monster at the door. Realize you are not dressed for visitors.

  8. Chase a bird out of the house that flew through the broken screen on the porch.

  9. Clean up den and go through magazines that are piling up.

  10. Plan to start raking the lawn, glance outside and watch the rain fall. Run through the rain to close the shed and put up the rake.

  11. Try and cheer yourself up with Coffee and Soup.

Still to do.

  1. Rake the lawn.

  2. Mow the lawn.

  3. Clean up the bedroom.

  4. Clean up the office.

  5. Vacuum the house.

  6. Do the dishes and clean out the fridge.

  7. Write.

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