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Contrasting Characters

I’m working on two very different characters and stories this week. One character is broken, physically and mentally yet continues to drag himself through each day trying to help those around him who need it. The other is a social outcast who has created her own family and is fighting her blood family to be legally cast out so that she is in control of her own life. He’s fighting for every breathe while she is fairly happy if a bit bitter and does not want her current life taken away. They’ve both seen the worst the world around them has to offer and chose to keep moving yet both have vastly different responses to their circumstances.

Their personalities are mirrored in that either would do anything for someone they cared about, no matter the cost to themselves yet the woman has more self esteem and self worth then the male character. She is younger mentally and more willing to bend while the male has been betrayed over and over until he expects it to happen at any moment from anyone around him. The woman still sees some loyalty and good in the people around her.

For those wondering, yes, I’m writing Clint and Gryphon. I hope to post tons of new chapters in January once my life gets back to normal after the holidays.

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