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Conscientiousness (via I was an expat wife)

Conscientiousness is something I strive for. I am a procrastinator and I know it. I would rather do things I love then slog through the things I hate doing, so those get put off, and get put off again.

But at the same time, I love making lists and checking off that I have managed to accomplish something, the gold star to highlight the day.

My mantra right now is “Confidence”. I want to be seen as strong and certain, not waffling over issues. I like where I am in my life and am happy being myself so I should not want to change my life to suit everyone else.

All too often in my life I have tried to mold myself after others only to constantly fall short. I was a master of Masks who was willing to have a different face for everyone I met. The fact is I am tired of it. I know what I want and am now determined that the real me will be what everyone sees. I just have to be confident in my actions and decisions and follow them through.

My job is broadening and changing, pushing my comfort zones and I am trying to push through the panic and show a confident face while getting things done. I have decided to take this approach to the rest of my life as well. Have to see if I can keep it up, wish me luck!

Claudine likes to plan. In fact, her 6-month, 1-year, and 5-year plans are broken down into sequential steps, cross-referenced and neatly filed. She takes great pleasure in methodically crossing off each goal as she achieves it. Every entry in her diary — written in her spare, precise script — is colour-coded. She is the high priestess of the to-do list, and runs her life with an efficiency that would make a sergeant-major swoon with delight. Bec … Read More

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