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I want to be the one who works out religiously and has six pack abs.

I want to be the one who plays guitar till my finger tips bleed.

I want to be confident and burn with determination.

…But lets face it. That is not me.

It is a miracle if the dishes get cleaned the same day I dirtied them, if not the same week.

I have had a guitar since Christmas and have not played it everyday. I have barely played it every week.

The fact is I have the will power of a gnat.

I gave up Zaxby’s for Lent and have already been there twice.

Getting one part of my life in order means that the others are abandoned and forsaken.

I am busy with work so…

  1. I have not worked on my writing at all in weeks.

  2. I have only picked up my guitar twice in a month.

  3. My house looks like a bomb went off in it and the laundry keeps getting washed and then molding in the washer because I forget to dry it and have to wash it again.

I have yet to figure out a good balance to work, home, and the rest. I try to cram friends and family into the spare days and ignore the laundry piling up.

I have ideas for projects I want to work on that I have not bought the supplies for.

I am so scattered that it is ridiculous.

Do I need to pare down again or do I just need to live more in the moment? Washing the bowl as I finish with it before moving on? Sweeping the floor when I notice the leaves my dog is tracking in, not a week later?

Sugestions anyone?

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