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So occasionally I will get asked out on dates by people who don’t realize how crazy busy my life is. I got asked out…tonight.

I had plans for tonight. A mass, up for hours, chugging coffee, working on my novel, slog that I have been putting off. It’s something that has to be done tonight or this weekend.

The fact is, I’m exhausted. Work has been very stressful with one of the main people I work with retiring. I have been on a writing binge for my fan fiction and have written about 1500 words a day all week on various projects I am trying to wrap up.

So the question is:

Do I try and be normal and go on a date when I am exhausted and not feeling very social?

You never know, I might have fun. Or I might collapse into a puddle sometime after the first drink, ugh.

How do you explain to a guy that you are just too tired to date right now, lol?

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