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Check In 05-26-11

Exercise: 40 jumping jacks this morning.

Total exercise yesterday: 40 jumping jacks, 20 crunches

Weight: ↓9 pounds. Down 1 pound(s) since yesterday.

Yesterday I did a lot of yard work, digging a trench and tearing out monkey grass, as I laid down a border for the grass and thinned it at the same time. I had two neighbors stop to say how good it looks and that I should not be doing it that day since it was so hot, LOL. I responded with a Thanks, I am taking breaks and getting water. Today I need to finish the clean up and put down some mulch and the front bed will be finished. Now I just need to pick up a doorbell and hang my new house numbers and the front of the house will be set.

I took a personality test and thought I would share my results. Basically it means that I am a calm person that is open to new experiences.

I’m a O53-C52-E9-A57-N37 Big Five!!

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