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Camp Nanowrimo Day 4

Main Story Idea: You can drop your 1 line here, or your "Before" (main character’s Ordinary World).

  1. Beryl has lost everything and is starting a new life, working as a spy for the country she was exiled and thought dead, she’s forced yet again to prove her worth as a mage.

Inciting Incident: What happens to change everything from what WAS to what IS.

  1. ​(What are the dark under currents in the city?)​

Turning Point: Transition where the character gives in (or is dragged) to the adventure, journey, what​ ​ have​ ​ you.

  1. ​She begins to care for those around her and she sees them in danger.​

Stakes: What’s the risk to the character or to something the character cares about to move forward–or to not move forward? Is there a ticking clock?

  1. ​If her cover is blown she will be forced to flee.​

Characters (major and minor): List specific names of character or the roles that you’ll need to fill along the way. (ie: Pilot, R2-D2, Wookie, Luke Skywalker, Old dude who knows stuff about the force….*ducks*)

  1. ​Beryl Marcian, called Mage

  2. Beryl’s bond mates, Argent and Rune

  3. King of Orlean

  4. Love interest 1

  5. Love interest 2

  6. Political Rival​

Setting: Places the character will experience–sensory.

  1. ​The Royal Palace

  2. The Capital of Orlean​

Props: Objects that characters will need to be introduced to (whether or not they are on the page beyond conversation–ie: a gun on the wall, a jewel reported stolen, a body dropped right in front of the main character)

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