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Books and Tests and Things, Oh my!

I am in the middle of studying for exams and in my last week of class so I will have to see how things go. I might have to disappear for a bit to study and get ready for my exams that are somehow both on the same day. Planning on needing excedrine.

I found someone to type up my novel that I wrote last year, YES!!! Now I just have to edit the thing when I get it back. I have two upcoming contests that I want to send it in for. Will have to see if I can make the deadline.

On the health side I finally got sent to an allergist who I will see next week. Maybe I can see why I am reacting to everything right now. The bad news is no allergy meds at all till I see them…and I have exams before that, sigh. I swear I pissed off some god in another life or something.

Wish me luck, the way things are going I may need it.

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