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Was feeling a bit down in that I had not sold a book in over two weeks. Just to show me how wrong I was, one sold yesterday.

I was told there are a few typos floating around the ebook and it is driving me nuts. I can’t find them. If any one sees one please let me know what scene it is in so I can correct it.

Still chugging away with the plotting while sick. I have started typing up my notes and am planning on burning through a few hours of writing this weekend hopefully.

Somehow my karma has went to shit this week. I have been sick, locked out of my house, broke, and deluged with work at the Real Life Job. So in response the the hellacious week I have been fighting with here’s a list of things that went good. 1. Super cute dog bouncing around my house thanks to getting groomed this weekend. 2. Major plot notes made on just about every project I have going, just need to write the scenes out. 3. The blank CDs came in so I can make copies for the shared library this weekend. New Music heading your way, Lisa. 4. I have tried about ten new kinds of tea thanks to the Flu bug. I might need to try them again later considering how non-existent my sense of taste is right now. 5. Thanks to the sick I will be spring cleaning my house this weekend while it rains. Bonus cuddles with the Stell-Bell thanks to the rain as well.

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