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Being Me

Okay, as part of my project of me that I am working on I read a post saying that I should “Be ___” as in Be Amelia.

But to do that means I need to understand Amelia and accept it. As well as give up on what I will never be.

Accept the fact that I am a person who…

always wants to be learning something

loves to read

loves to write

loves to cook

likes to put things off for later

love art and color

likes to spend time alone but like to be with friends and family too (to a limit, it can be overwhelming).

likes to ride horses

has different priorites about certain things then others

is too critical of myself

worries too much

Things I will never be…

Not stressed at having to go to a party.

a pharmacist

good at math

worried about make up and clothes (much)

organic foods

someone who has a lot of close friends

someone who does not over analyze things

someone willing to just up and go somewhere (weekend to Paris)

One of my main goals since last year has been to stop putting things off just because I have an excuse. I have been saving doing things because I …did not want to do them alone, others did not want me to do them alone, thought I should wait and do it with a partner, thought I should wait till I finish school.

I decided that I have no reason to wait. If I wanted to go to Seattle then I should go <loved it!>. If I wanted to write a book I should write one now and not wait till I finished classes <so much fun, but I did discover that I hate having to type up old writing, anyone want to be my typist?>. (The vacation alone thing just proved that I need to plan better and have more money in case something goes wrong since no one else will be with me to help).

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