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Amazing post by NJ Mayor

You were not born to be average, normal or typical. You were not born a carbon copy. You were born unique, born to excel, born to manifest the glory of the universe in your authentic truth. You are not weak. You are stronger than you imagine, wiser than you know, and have vast powers that you have yet to actualize. Stop playing small. Be YOU. Tell your truth – now, today, this very moment. Manifest your true self – not a poor reflection of your circumstance. Don’t walk through this world unconscious of your greatness, sleep walking, surrendering your light to the bland grey around you. You were born to be brilliant, to be light, to be fire. Infuse your glory into this moment, into your choices, into your deeds, into the habits you create. Consciously choose. Choose your body through conscious consumption, Choose your attitude, through conscious thought Choose your destiny by being present right now – for remember mindful moments multiplied, totally transform tomorrows Today choose integrity, choose discipline, choose joy, choose joy, choose joy. Rejoice in your blessings AND, most importantly, know that EVERYTHING is a blessing. And your blessings are rich soil. So choose to grow into the boldest, proudest, most glorious version of YOU. You were born for this.
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