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All moved in….

Well, my welcome to the new neighborhood has been fun.

  1. House full of cockroaches, which have been taken care of thank god.

  2. Got rid of a ton of kitchen things since my new kitchen is tiny.

  3. Closets full of boxes and art supplies since I have nowhere to put them.

  4. neurotic dog pooping everywhere, finally calming down.

  5. Leak in the kitchen, replacing the roof in a few weeks, fingers crossed.

  6. rabid raccoon shot and killed next door while I was mowing the lawn. (I am in a big city right?)

  7. Bonus of several dead sparrows turning up, plus one that hit my glass door and died on the stoop.

  8. No microwave right now thanks to there being only one outlet in the kitchen, right where the leak is.

  9. Up most of the nights last few weeks since I moved in with hysterical dog thanks to tons of storms hitting the area.

New House? Priceless.

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