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I was horribly depressed this weekend. My BF and I broke up on Thursday. Then Saturday night after two days of mood, I started working with my desk to clean it and instead found my art supplies.

I printed out some patterns of black and white lines and simple fill in the color sheets and sat with colored pencils and colored.

And what was more I enjoyed it. It was childish and I probably was wasting time, but I had fun.

And I remembered that I am allowed to have fun. Even when I am having a bad week, I am allowed to have fun.

I think the difference is that I am refusing to hold onto the pain and lost hopes. I am opening myself.

There will be pain but that the joy while it lasted was greater. I allowed myself to be happy while we were together and while I am allowed to miss it, I am not allowed to wallow in it or to put my life on hold because of it.

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