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I know everyone has a home in their head that is their perfect house. I have a hard time reconciling mine with what everyone else seems to want.

  1. Hedges or a tall fence. (have to have a fence for the pup.)

  2. No front yard. (I hate mowing and caring for the front yard but I will happily do the back where hedges hide me from view of the street, shrug.)

  3. Small (I know everyone is looking for the next house to be larger but I keep downsizing. The only thing I want larger is my kitchen. The place I am in now is around 800 ft2 and it is perfect.)

  4. A large kitchen with light.

  5. A library and office to work in.

  6. A dark bedroom with thick shades on the windows and walls like an underwater cave.

  7. Ferns and hosta in the yard and trees to give them shade.

  8. A garden to tend and grow things.

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