• Amelia Sides

25 things about Me

1. I love to cook and bake. 2. I have my own blog and live to write. 3. I hate mushrooms. 4. I hate having to deal with people who complain constantly and do nothing to fix the problem. 5. I love being outside. 6. I love to read. 7. I love music and have the radio on constantly, any kind of music (except elevator jazz and rapp) 8. I love doing things with my hands and making things. 9. When I retire I want to travel around Europe. 10. I want to move to Washington DC or Virginia one day soon. 11. I am an insistent list maker. 12. I love comedy, drama, sci-fi, and action movies. 13. I love having my own home and being able to create my own space. 14. I am learning to paint. 15. I wish I had a yard to plant a garden in, and to let my dog run in. 16. I love traveling and trying new things. 17. I have WAY TOO MANY books, but like I said, I love to read. 18. I am writing a book. 19. I have had a poem published in an anthology. 20. I love the look of minimalist homes but cannot live that way, lol. 21. I love working with computers and teaching adults about things. 22. I love animals and riding horses. 23. I want to open a bakery when I retire. 24. I hate driving at night, the lights give me a migraine sometimes. 25. I love chocolate and sodas, but no longer can eat them with out getting migraines.

26. I love having a fire in the fireplace.

27. I love anime movies.


I could keep going on and on, but most of the items would be junk lol.

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